What Is CoachConnect.me

What Is CoachConnect.me

CoachConnect.me is a subscription-based platform that connects professional coaches of any type who are looking to grow their client base with non-coaches (Members) who are interested in learning more about coaches and coaching.  Our platform allows for professional coaches and Members to CONNECT, either for free or billed consultations on Zoom, to share events hosted by our Coaches, or to simply participate in our fun contests. 

Our goal for our Coaches is to provide, no matter what stage of their business, an effective, safe and fun way to build their business, all online. 

Our goal for our Members is to provide an easy, safe and fun way to connect with our carefully vetted professional Coaches and other Members (at CoachCalendar Events), where they can grow as individuals, improve their lives, and be better versions of themselves! 

And for those interested in becoming a professional coach, CoachConnect.me provides a unique and fun way to join a community as a Member; as a way to connect with experienced professsional coaches that can provide information or guidance about following a coaching career path.

CoachConnect.me’s features allow its Coaches to connect to Member-clients easily and safely, and offers an array of effective marketing tools.  With features like CoachConnectContests and CoachCalendar, Coaches have fun and active ways to connect to potential and existing clients.

When Members opt in to display their email and include details about what they are looking for, Coaches can email Members they feel they might be able to help.  By clicking "yes" to displaying email and including as much information on profile, the right Coach can find the Member instead!

To ensure a safe environment for all our users, we have a rigorous onboarding process to vet new Coaches.  Click here to read more about our new-Coach onboarding process.  There is no onboarding process or requirements to be a Member - except to be respectful, honest, and law-abiding.

Click here to read CoachConnect Community Standards.

We want to give you a real chance to experience what CoachConnect.me is all about, so we offer a Free 1-Month Trial for both new Coaches & new Members.  And unlike most free trials, ours doesn't automatically renew so you don't need to sign back in and change any settings.  We hope you end up subscribing, but if you don't, let us know why so we can improve ourselves!  Please send your thoughts to support@coachconnect.me.

Download the iOS or Android app to your smartphone, and use CoachConnect.me easily on-the-go!

ZoomConnect & Chat

Through ZoomConnect, Members can request from Coaches, a Free 10-Minute Consultation (only one per Coach, but as many Coaches as wanted) and billed sessions (where no free minutes are deducted).  Upon accepting the booking request, the Coach and Member are able to connect on Zoom by simply signing into their account and going to their Profile Menu.

For Coaches, upon completion of a billed session, payment is made through CoachConnect.me to the Coach's bank account, making it easy and convenient for the Coach to be paid.

For Members, after a paid session is completed, fees are charged to the Member's credit card stored on file under their Profile Menu.  Coach's ZoomConnect rates are stated on their profiles.  A transaction fee of the greater of $0.50 or 5% of the total billable amount (total billable minutes prorated at Coach's ZoomConnect rate) will also be added to the total charge.  With ZoomConnect, payments are made automatically and reliably.

To protect our users, we include a convenient and simple way for Members to submit a Complaint about a Coach to CoachConnect Admin.  Upon review, our Admin will take prompt and appropriate action.  Click here to read CoachConnect Community Standards.

Coaches and Members can also easily connect at their convenience by Chat.  By simply signing into their account and going to their Profile Menus, Coaches and Members can see who's online and connect by Chat immediately!

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We strive to create a safe and fun environment for our Members & Coaches.  What's more fun than winning cash prizes just by connecting with new people!

In the weekly contest TopCoachAwards!, voters (from Coach's network) can vote for a Coach as TopCoach!, and the Coach with the most votes at the end of each week wins a cash prize of $100.  By going to the Coach's profile, voters can purchase votes for $1 each.

And we want to give back, so at the end of this year we will donate part of the net proceeds from the vote purchases to charitable organization(s) that support teachers & students in U.S. public education.

Click here to see details about how Coaches can win $100 every week in TopCoachAwards!

In the monthly contest TheAppleGame, the Member who has received the most Apples from Coaches by the end of each month, wins a cash prize of $100.  Member receive Apples by connecting with Coaches, and asking for them!  No purchase of Apples necessary.

Click here to see more about how Members can win $100 every month in TheAppleGame.


CoachConnect.me claims no liability and bars disparagement regarding any harm, misgivings or crime that may have come from a connection made through CoachConnect.me. CoachConnect.me only intends to create a safe space and will do its utmost to protect its Members and Coaches.  Please be responsible for your actions and your own personal safety!

Keep coaching and keep up the good work!